Risers, track plan tweaking, and blue track

I must seem to be making terribly slow progress…but I’ve had a busy week.

I polished up my flextrack (Micro Engineering weathered code 55) with this stuff called Met-All. The tops of the rails are incredibly shiny…but this polish is bright blue. And it got EVERYWHERE. Picture attached. I’ve been cleaning it off with a toothbrush, but it’s slow, painful, and when I get the polish off, it takes the weathering with it. I don’t know if I’ll just use all this track in the helix to nowhere, or try to touch it up with a bit of brown paint. I wanted the weathered track because of how the track in the coffee table layout looked after my dad painted it…

Anyway, I spent a fair bit of yesterday (before my uncle showed up unexpectedly) putting in risers. I now have all the risers in place. Where there are two on the same joist is where the pulp mill is going to be. As the layout is sectional, I placed them for support where the two sheets of plywood will meet. I also tried to put them far enough out that if someone leaned on the edge of the layout there wouldn’t be too much distortion. One thing you’ll notice by looking at the plan is how I have a printout with me at all times…I marked in not the height of the track, but the required riser height from the top of the L girder, which is the bottom of all the risers. Means I don’t have to look at a given elevation, add in 6″ and then subtract 5/8″ or 1/2″…whatever the roadbed is.

Speaking of the pulp mill…I’ve been trying to work a sawmill into the plan, and been researching a lot to get a small, but prototypically operational plan. People at nscale.net have been a huge help for that! The plan I’ve got now (attached) has a track for dumping logs into the river for storage in log booms, 2 tracks in the loading shed, a burner to show it’s a sawmill, and the possibility (though not a very good one) that one of the yard tracks could be used for loading finished lumber….but in all probability, I’ll do it in the shed.

Another update…I was planning to do the walls and everything once I finished the electrical contracting course I’ve enrolled in for the fall, but I’ve been put on the waitlist. Perhaps the rest of the layout will have to wait longer…and I might do the Castlegar yard and up to Farron this fall to get a bit more operation going before the rest of the layout goes in/

Anyway, here are the photos I’m sure you’re interested in.


2 thoughts on “Risers, track plan tweaking, and blue track

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  2. An update on the track – I’ve been polishing it with a track eraser and regularly cleaning it while I go…not as clean as polish, but I don’t have to remove all the polish with a toothbrush, either. Doing that takes some of the weathering with it.

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