Well, yesterday was spent fixing up earlier mistakes, and today was spent fixing up yesterday’s unanticipated problems. First, I decided to experiment…I removed the sagging L girder carefully and completely.

Next, I moved the small brace to under the flange of the girder (had to move a joist to compensate) and added a spare 38″ bit of 1×3 to the inside.

Popped it back up and added an extra pair of legs under the south end of the pulp mill, unbraced against the L girders but braced against each other.

After that I had to move the risers into a proper position. Now, because I measured everything from the floor, after the L girder sagged all the risers in that section were too high relative to it, so I had to lower them all once the girder was in its proper position.

After that, I attached the subroadbed to those delicious smelling cedar 1×1 cleats, and ran the wiring bus from the eventual location of the booster and circuit breaker to the top of the helix. NOW I feel like I’m making progress! Tomorrow I’ll start putting cork down for the pulp mill, but that’ll take a lot of time to accurately draw out the track lines.

Lessons learned: I made the subroadbed only slightly wider than the cork roadbed strip. I’m getting the feeling this was a big mistake…we’ll see what happens when I start putting in scenery in a couple weeks.

Don’t put the joists to close together you can’t fit your smallest clamp or drill in.

Don’t have risers directly above the girder.


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