Low on materials….but getting there.

So all my roadbed is now laid down, but I can’t lay track as I have no joiners. I assumed I didn’t need them, that I’d slide the loose rail of the flex into the ties of the next strip, but Micro Engineering doesn’t have a loose rail, the ties move! On the bright side, I also drew out all my trackwork on the plywood. I’m using 1/8″ Midwest cork strips for the mainline, and 1/16″ self cut cork board from a hardware store for sidings and whatnot, and sanding the transitions. The pulp mill and sawmill will be on the plywood. I used printouts from the fast tracks site (www.handlaidtrack.com) to see where my cork strip needed to go, as I’m planning to handlay turnouts using their jigs and templates.

I drew the lines with constant reference to my track plan on the laptop, using a ruler, tape measure, and a stick of 1×2 that I have holes strategically drilled in at radii 8″-30″, as well as pivot holes at +1/2″,-3/4″, and -1 1/4″ so I can do any radius down to the quarter inch. I think I missed the centre on one of them, so I’m just going to lay it by eye in the end…

Also got the first of a set of custom detailed and painted H16-44s in the mail, and shot it on a transition from the cork board to plywood. 1/16″ doesn’t sound like a big difference until you think about it – That’s 10 scale inches, and the rail itself is just under 9″, so while you won’t see it standing up, it will show itself in photos. I put the bolt in the bulkhead flat to get the rail down flat, I’ll have to remember to weigh it down while the glue dries when I actually lay it sometime in September or October! I used two photos (lazy) to get a good depth of field…they are aligned properly, but there was no in-focus shot of that particular bit of rail. Still, shows how it bends.




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