Turnout addendum: Fast tracks, quicksticks, handcut ties, and pliobond.

UPDATE: Newer, better method. https://kootenaymodelrailway.wordpress.com/2012/07/10/pulp-mill-turnouts-a-visual-guide-to-a-new-way-of-laying-ties/

For the record, my keyboard is full of PC board and wooden tie ends.

I’ve discovered that N scale stock rails at the point where they’re filed do not hold ties very well, and adding additional pliobond glue just mucks up the points.  For the ties between the ‘S’ or ‘H’ tie (depending on your point type) and the last PCB tie I recommend putting CA or other superglue sparingly on the stock rails to avoid gumming up the turnouts or losing ties.

Shortest post yet whoo!


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