Turnout addendum….addendum. And a cool video.

UPDATE: Newer, better method. https://kootenaymodelrailway.wordpress.com/2012/07/10/pulp-mill-turnouts-a-visual-guide-to-a-new-way-of-laying-ties/

Okay, so I think I’ve finally got this turnout thing figured out.

Maybe I should, I don’t know, read the instructions instead of glancing at them?

1: Apply glue to both surfaces to be joined

2: Allow glue to dry.

3: Press surfaces together

I didn’t do ANY of these things. Oops.

Additional, helpful step: Heat the rail with your soldering iron until the glue melts. Makes for a really good bond. Today or tomorrow when I’m putting the north ladder for Castlegar yard in, I’ll find out how good.

Cool video time! Using all the track I had available at the time, I ran #12, the Kettle Valley Express, through the west end of the siding. Since this video I’ve put in one end of the pulp mill yard, including 5 turnouts (yaaaay.) But none of them have throws installed yet. That’s a tricky part, getting it just right. I’ve now acquired some cheap guitar string in the high E and G ranges in addition to the piano wire, for shorter throws.



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