Last post for a bit…finished laying pulp mill and wiring.

So a great triumph has come – I MET A DEADLINE! I said to myself that I would be done laying track in this section before I left, and BY GOD I WAS! Ground throws and everything. I secured everything down with a thin-but-not-too-thin layer of clear silicone sealant, same as the turnouts, but kept gluing the ground throws down with wonderfully rigid wood glue.

LOOK AT THAT TRACK FLOW OOOH YEAHHH. I’m pretty fond of how well the track going to the woodchip tracks keeps curving through the diverging side of the #6 as if it were built just for it.

One that was all done, I shoved a bunch of cars into the yard as if it were an operating session. This is the view the operators will have, since the backdrop is behind everything. Eventually I hope to have one of those lifting dumpers that operates for the short track the single hopper is currently on.

Of course, all that didn’t come without some more hidden work…

HOLY DAMN LOOK AT ALL THOSE FEEDERS! Remember, it’s two wires per section of track (as long as it’s not a short one with tracks at both ends) plus one wire for every rail of a turnout plus 3 for the ground throw! (Red-black-frog)

Well, I took care of that.

Once that was done, the reward was running a train. Or pretending to. I still have to actually clean off the rails, then I plan to burnish them as in the GLEAM method (google it if you don’t know it) and then add no-ox-id to the railhead to keep it from getting dirty in the future.

Anyway, that’s me signing off! I’m going off to visit family, and then I’ll bike the old Columbia and Western railbed west from Castlegar (Actually, west from the pulp mill, up what you see in the background of the last photo) as well as the old Nakusp and Slocan from New Denver to Nakusp. Don’t expect a blog update until September.

If you’re thinking of using this information to rob my house, don’t. A friend will be here, and he knows kung-fu. I love being able to say that truthfully!




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