Bridge that gap.

Now, you’re probably wondering “Why aren’t you done your deck yet?”


See that? That’s weather. That’s my #3 cause of delay. It allowed me to work a bit, however.

First thing I did was work on the island at Taghum. It’s a slab of plywood on top of a couple of risers surrounded by plaster and chooch castings.

I figured that I could fill the gaps with hydrocal and carve it later. I either don’t have the tools or the skill, but either way it didn’t work out.

Anyway, it looked good once it was painted. Used a combination of black, white, and burnt sienna thinned out a bit to be a bit wash-y and not entirely blended to give some variety. The plan is to add some white washes to give water lines and highlight the mortar.

Looks nice? Well, I have to redo it. Because I screwed everything up. Such is life! I’ll get back to that later.

I also put in the benchwork for the west switch of Nelson yard, right up to the section edge. The next section will wait until the drywall is in place…if it ever gets built.

Ignoring the ping pong ball assortment, this is what the construction is like. I only used risers, I didn’t bother with 1x1s. The plywood you see is the river (well, lake at this point) basse and the risers above it are for the subroadbed. Only one subroadbed riser comes from the joists, the rest come up from the lake. Anyways, on top of that I decided to use cork strip past the last turnout in the yard and masonite for the yard base. There’s no difference on the prototype in railhead elevation inside the yard so that gives me an excuse to be lazy.

I drew all the track lines on the board before I cut it, made it a lot easier.

Unfortunately, it does end abruptly, but not at the most awkward point. WHOO PLANNING!

Anyways, leaving that for a few months, I’ll get back to the bridge.

I built it using Micro Engineering 80′ plate girders cut to the proper length. I then clamped all 8 girders between a pair of toonies (Perfectly sized round $2 coins, Americans) and filed them until they were rounded like the prototype. Once done that, I used 0.010×0.125″ strip styrene to add a new stop and bottom to the girder. Braces were made using 0.3″ styrene cut into 1″ wide and 1/4″ tall strips to support the track at near the prototype height. After that I eyeballed the bracing and just winged it. For the bottom bracing, the first bridge I winged it and made something beautifully abstract. Second bridge I planned ahead and it looks…better.

Let’s have a C-liner and some Micro Engineering bridge track for scale, shall we?

Well, I’ve done worse. Anyway, the problem at hand: The bridge feet are just under 1/8″ high, and the gap between the bottom of the bridge and the piers is more akin to 3/8″. I’ve decided to use a spare pair of abutments (I accidentally ordered 4 pairs instead of 3) and recut them so the top and second step are at the right height, but the piers are up in the air. I kept the off-cuts and have glued them back together, and I’m going to see if I can recut them to be taller without them looking horrific. Wish me luck!