Current situation in Calgary

Well folks, it’s been a busy week but I’ll sum up. Southern Alberta has been completely effed, and I mean that in the most profane and complete way possible, by flooding. Pretty much every major highway was shut down, 26 communities inside of Calgary and many towns outside were completely evacuated. Nearly 100,000 people inside of the city and countless others outside had to leave their homes, many coming back to homes completely destroyed.

Don’t worry about me, the Kootenay Division may be built in a basement, but it’s on quite a big hill.

The rest of Calgary, however….this was an unparalleled and unprecedented event. Please look in my photo gallery at the following link:

Once you’re done reeling from the images that I soaked $5000 of camera gear to get, please consider donating some money to the Canadian Red Cross, which helped us and is still helping us so much during a state of emergency which still hasn’t been lifted 10 days after the water rose – and only for two days.



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