Kootenay Kwickie – How to mess up your fascia in two easy steps!

Step 1: Build your benchwork

Step 2: Put your fascia on it poorly.

Okay, here’s the dealio. I tried to use 1/4″ hardboard for my fascia as it would be stronger, probably wouldn’t crack as easily, and curve more smoothly…but long story short, I tried to curve it too sharply. Don’t try to bend 1/4″ any sharper than an 18″ radius, and even then, only if you’re sure it’s nice and smooth.

Your inside corners might look okay…

20131226 1

Outside corners? Most certainly not.

20131226 2

So that was my attempt at finishing off the lower deck. Whoops. Learn from my mistakes so you don’t have to make them yourselves, lovely people!



Kootenay Division in Run 6

I would never claim to be in run 8, but progress is being made! Lots and LOTS of it.

If you take a look, you’ll see my last post, September 23, I had just finished the upper deck’s benchwork. In that time, I’m not doing as well as I could be, but I did a lot.

Firstly, I built the hell out of the lower deck. In 10 days, I built the benchwork for Nelson to Kootenay Lake. I don’t have any photos without piles of stuff on it, though. Enjoy.

20131117 1

Next up, as you can see, I ran a shelf below everything. This won’t really be used by me. The price of air rights.

After that, I needed some space fo’ my thangz. I removed a shelving unit from the room to make room for lumber storage that was previously used to house my random crap, so I built a random crap-inet. See this post.

How to build above layout storage


After that I popped in all the risers for Nelson. I wanted to get that big table out of the way. It took me quite some time to draw out all the track lines, mind you…but I ended up using plywood 1x2s again, since it’s SO easy to crack cheap pine 1x2s!

20131105 1

Now, with the plywood base and masonite top cut and ready to put in, the fun begins. The usual, kick myself in the face type of fun where my past self is an idiot, or something.

That yard lead I installed last year? With the really nice embankment I was so proud of? This one? Well, guess what…it was 2 inches too long. Don’t ask me how I messed that up. So I had to CUT THE THING OFF AND MOVE IT ALL WHILE CRYING TEARS, SPILLING THEM ALL OVER MY HARD WORK.

20131105 2

It’s getting easier to get over such things.

At this point, I make sure everything mates up and aligns properly. Looks good!

20131112 1

Mmm. Take a closer look. Turns out SOMEWHERE along the road I changed the track centres by an eigth of an inch. WoopdeedooodiehoohoohoohoooDAMN.





20131112 2

*ahem* Anyway…with the plywood base secured down…

20131113 1

…I realized it wasn’t supported enough, so I added a joist, as is the beauty of L girder benchwork of this type.

20131113 2

Hooray! My river’s no longer wobbly! And yes, that’s how I keep track of where my receptacles are.

That being done, I was ready to glue down the masonite. Ooh.

20131113 3

That’s a lot of glue.

Let’s put it down.

20131113 4

Oh yeah. You have to weight that down. OH NO. I DON’T HAVE ANYTHING READY.


At least it turned out fairly well. Here’s the finished product, ready for track!

West yard ladder (roundhouse is the bulge on the left):

20131208 2

East end of yard, KFP lumber mill in foreground with the diesel shops just beyond:

20131208 1

A curious thing about Nelson Yard is that it’s built on the alluvial fan of Cottonwood Creek, the only large expanse of flat land in the area. This, coupled with the silver deposits discovered on the mountains around, made Nelson the division point it remains today. The curious thing about that is that the creek runs through the middle of the yard, between the classification yard and the diesel shops, with a series of bridges under several roadways and a dozen tracks! Duh, I’m modeling it! It’s a narrow concrete channel, so I just took the 12′ real life channel and widened it by a foot. Simple construction, though. You can also see the mid-yard sectional join on the left-hand side of this shot, and the disel shops are just beyond that.

20131208 3

Oh yeah, and it’s mad strong, too.

20131208 4

It’s hard to tell if it’s even flexing while I do that!

So, I’m moving eastward, Kootenay Lake is next on the list – once everything is nice and finished in terms of wood over to Kootenay Landing, I’m moving on up to the upper deck from Paulson to Grand Forks!

Oh crap. I had better go make sure GF is planned out completely.