Clear to Stop, track speed 10

No, I don’t have CTC on my layout, nor has the prototype ever seen any sort of signaling, but I know when I need to slow down. The layout’s kind of on hold while my life does stuff.

This post is about me, not trains.

I’m in school right now, for that whole electrician thing I’m doing. It’s getting progressively harder to keep homework away from home, and I find myself devoting more to it every night – Don’t worry, my grades are at the top of the class.

More than that, my summer is becoming busy in the best way – As some of you know, I’m working on gaining momentum with my photography business, and I have picked up enough business lately to fill a lot of my free time!

Between school and other-work, I have little to no time to spare. In addition, the prospect of moving soon is looming, so I’m scared to do much work anywhere outside of the pulp mill.

So, what has happened? I’m in week 2 of replacing a rail at Castlegar, where I’m throwing a couple more servos onto turnouts.

I’m also starting to work on some of the kits I have. I’ve somehow acquired 5 Kaslo H16-44 kits, two Geoff Gooderham resin kits for a 4700 series baggage and a Cape series observation to complete my Kootenay/Kettle Valley Express, and an old Sylvan Angus caboose, because I love them and rapido hasn’t come out with them yet.

20150521 1

Hope I get to finish them this summer!

And I bought this, it sounds delicious.

20150512 1

Can’t pull the full train, but it can manage 16 or so cars – Not bad for such a tiny toy.

Well, I’ll check in later – Doing another 4 day abandoned railway bike ride in 2 weeks!


8 thoughts on “Clear to Stop, track speed 10

  1. Matt,
    It sounds like you have a full plate. When a layout move is hanging over your head, it’s usually a good time to focus on rolling stock and engines. Best of luck on all the projects, let me know if you need a hand with the engines.

  2. Life does stuff. Look at me, I’ve had the same layout for over 10 years, and it looks like it did 10 years ago, but worse. It has seen very little TLC and about three road changes!

  3. Hi I am glad I found your site as I am returning to model railroading after a 20 year hiatus (busy life). As I live in Golden, I am thinking of doing an N scale CP Rosebrry to Nakusp line circe 60′ 70′ (to start – with expansion plans to South Slocan and Revelstoke). I travel the Kootneays from Golden to Creston for work and I love the railroading in this region.

    You sharing your learning and experience is awesome. Kudos for taking electrician trainging as that is a tough course and you will have to sideline stuff some time. thans for posting all the pictures as you have given me some great ideas like the recent one on padding πŸ™‚ thanks for sharing

    1. Ah, the Kaslo sub – A fantastic area that I’ve toyed with modeling. I’ve biked that stretch twice, the views west of summit lake are fantastic as you realize how far above the valley you are. The present day Kootenays are still something special, but you’re on the right track (as well as on actual track in the case of Nakusp) with that era. Hope I can give you more inspiration!

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